The Easter holidays are coming up very soon, and with children back in school, government and families alike it is vital that they are able to return after the holidays as normal.

A study published in the Lancet found that when schools, colleges and universities opened after the first lockdown in September, the highest rates of infection in young adults (approximately 18-25 year olds) were observed. Following that was secondary school pupils suggesting that the children themselves are likely to be an important source of infection to their peers.  

The Office for National Statistics’s COVID-19 infection survey found that secondary school pupils are eight times more likely to bring an infection into a household than adults.

One of the government’s top priorities is to keep schools open. In order to make sure that happens, multiple protocols should be in place. This includes regular mass testing, but also regular disinfection to keep school premises a constant COVID-19 free environment.

A UVD Robot from NESA Robotics is the perfect solution.

UVC Disinfection is the most effective method of disinfection, killing 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses on surfaces and in the air. It is also the perfect solution for a school environment as it leaves no chemical residue so it is safe for areas used by children, particularly those in early education. 

Classrooms and staff areas can be quickly and regularly disinfected.

Many families struggled with home-schooling, so it is vital that schools remain open and children can return to school after the Easter holidays knowing they should be there until half-term!

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