UVD Robots for Airports & Travel

UVD Robot in the Heathrow Airport concourse to protect the travel industry

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the aviation sector has suffered a huge loss in revenue, staff, and customer confidence. Worldwide the industry is expected to lose $85bn and continue to post lower revenue for the foreseeable future, as people slowly get back to flying.

With the virus still prevalent in many areas, the key problem facing the aviation sector is the safety of terminals and aircraft. Due to the enclosed nature of these spaces, social distancing is not possible, deeming these spaces high-risk for the further spread of the Corona virus. Within terminals and aircraft there are also common touch points such as lift buttons, toilet locks and flushes, handrails, and trolleys, which are critical to the spread of the virus.

Already trusted by a number of international airports, the UVD Robot from NESA Robotics disinfects these high-risk areas, killing viruses, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms with 99.9999% accuracy. By mapping out key areas the UV-C Disinfection Robot is fully autonomous, independently disinfecting areas to hospital operating standards. Equally, the Covid-19 killing UVD Robots help disinfect the vast terminals quickly and effectively, covering up to 18,000 square meters in 2.5 hours and completing 2 days’ worth of disinfection in just one hour, saving time and money.

By helping the aviation industry get back on its feet, the UVD Robot from NESA Robotics ensures the safety of customers and staff by introducing the highest levels of disinfection, saving time and money in disinfecting costs and restoring customer confidence, getting people to trust the safety of the sector once more.

The UVD Robots at Heathrow Airport supplied by NESA Robotics have been featured on BBC News, ITV News and BBC Click.

When not in use, Heathrow Airport have displayed the robot outside the entrance to security.

Watch the BBC Click report on how NESA Robotics UVD Robots are helping Heathrow Airport get back to business