NESA Robotics visited the iconic All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club better known as Wimbledon for a demonstration of the UVD Robot.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 Championships was cancelled, the first time Wimbledon had not been on since the Second World War.

Over 500,000 people attend the Championships every year to see the efforts of over 120 players over the two weeks. Including player’s families, staff and the staff of Wimbledon, the footfall is massive. The All England Lawn Tennis Club is also open all year round for members as well as The Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum

With hundreds of matches being played, there is a constant change of staff on court, and players entering and leaving the changing rooms. This has the potential to spread COVID-19 and causing many players to self-isolate.

NESA Robotics brought in the UVD Robot, showing how a high level of disinfection can be achieved with minimal disruption. The Robot disinfected the changing rooms to highlight this.  

The UVD Robots kill 99.9999% of all known bacteria and viruses on surfaces and the air covering vast areas in just a matter of minutes. The UVD Robots are considerably quicker than other disinfection methods, rooms are immediately ready for occupancy as there are no lingering chemicals.

NESA Robotics also showed how the UV AIR COMFORT can be used to work alongside the robot when rooms are occupied, 

With NESA Robotics, UVD Robots were deployed into all terminals at Heathrow Airport and into St Pancras International, UK Power Networks and Frimley Health NHS Trust

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