GoBe Robot

Transforming human interaction in an increasingly virtual world, the GoBe Robot is a state-of-the-art telepresence robot that helps you stay connected with your colleagues, clients, students or patients all across the world.

The GoBe Robot from NESA Robotics is fully autonomous with built-in LIDAR and 3D cameras that detect obstacles to take you wherever you want to go, so you can interact with others in a more human way. Rather than being on a fixed screen during calls and conferences you can move around using the GoBe interface, and be in the office with your team as if you were there in person.

The 21.5 inch HD portrait screen provides a true representation of your features, giving a real sense of presence, and the echo-cancelling microphones and speaker design allows you to hear every word spoken and to be heard clearly. Likewise, the speaker makes it easy for you to be heard when in a one on one conversations and when speaking to a small auditorium of people without additional amplification.

Providing a crystal clear picture to wherever you may be, the robot is equipped with multiple cameras that make seeing others, new products, or presentations much easier than traditional video call platforms. And with an 8-hour run time, you can be present and interact with others all-day, making sure you don’t miss any detail.


    We have thoroughly enjoyed having the GoBe robot at CFS with us. It has the potential to overcome a number of challenges schools face during Covid-19 restrictions and beyond. The GoBe robot is an amazing tool for connecting teachers working off-site with their classes and for keeping students engaged in their learning. Our pupils have found the experience very exciting and the GoBe robot has become a great talking point. We have been delighted to trial this innovation and to be able to use this novel technology to improve our provision’

    Michaela Khatib, Executive Head at Cobham Free School

    Technical specifications


    Operating time per charge: 8 hours. Built-in inductive charging ensures reliable and safe connection when charging.

    Connectivity & Software

    Regular remote software updates for latest enhancements and new functions.


    WebRTC encrypted with DTLS-SRTP for data protection and privacy.

    Camera Specifications

    Multiple cameras and digital zoom for clarity and detailed telecommunication. LIDAR and 3D navigation cameras for 360-degree view to avoid obstacles.

    Microphone and Speaker Specifications

    Echo cancelling microphones. Crystal clear speaker capable of addressing a small auditorium without added amplification.


    21.5 inch HD screen in portrait mode. Touch screen for direct interaction with GoBe robot.

    GoBe robot at a factory

    The GoBe Robot from NESA Robotics has already been proven in the field within healthcare situations, as well as enabling people to be present in offices and in customer service roles where human interaction is a must.

    In order to protect your valuable personal data, the GoBe Robot is WebRTC encrypted with DTLS-SRTP, through direct peer-to-peer. The connection between you and your team is tunneled through the GoBe Robot’s Media Gateway where it cannot be decoded as only you and the robot have the keys. 

    The GoBe Robot has seen huge benefits in this increasingly difficult time by limiting human contact without limiting the human interaction we all need, reducing the risk of Covid-19 infection. It can used be used in a variety of ways including security and crowd control, customer service and even remote training. Equally, by reducing the need for travel and the associated expenses and emissions (as much as 3.1 tons per person), the GoBe Robot is helping keep individuals safe from the Coronavirus and making for a healthier workforce and a healthier planet.

    NESA Robotics CEO Heath Williams interviews Blue Ocean Robotics CEO Claus Risager using the GoBe