Consulting Services from NESA Robotics

The purchase of a UVD Robot is a beneficial but daunting investment. A priority for NESA Robotics is to ensure the sales cycle is a success from purchase, deployment to implementation. 

To provide reassurance to our customers, NESA Robotics offers feasibility studies to assess how the robot can be deployed, address health and safety concerns and support before, during and after the implementation. 

NESA Robotics is proud to hold a 100% satisfaction rating for the deployment, implementation and aftersales of UVD Robots.

The feasibility study includes:

  • Deployment – what areas can the robot be deployed to, how long it would take to disinfect and how frequently would it be performed. 
  • Evidence of disinfection and overnight disinfection options
  • Health and Safety (including risk analysis)
  • Integration into existing cleaning processes
  • Implementation, training and ongoing support
  • Impact on the environment – no more chemicals 
  • Additional savings
  • Marketing and PR – e.g. staff/customer/client confidence