It’s imperative that children are able to fulfil their right to uninterrupted education, not just for their academic attainment so they can progress into the skilled workforce that our country desperately needs, but to also help their emotional, social and behavioural development too. And for some, education also plays an essential part in keeping vulnerable children safe. 

An article published by Sky News revealed the worrying statistics about the increased number of school absences due to COVID-19 coupled with the lack of speed of the government providing CO² monitors.

The article states that the government has not delivered more than half of the 300,000 devices that were pledged to be delivered by the end of the autumn term. 

This article is more than worrying, the government states that ventilation is key to help keep people safe during this pandemic but it is not necessarily a quick fix.

What happens when it’s freezing temperatures outside and there is a limited budget for heating? How does it work if you need to have a confidential safeguarding meeting or if a child wants to talk in confidence about bullying? How does it work if you have a child with limited danger awareness skills because they have autism and is a flight risk so doors must be closed and window restrictors needed for their safety? How does it work if the classroom is next to a busy road and the only way children can hear a teacher and also not have their health impacted by pollution, is with the windows closed? 

Even if Schools have received CO² monitors, is it really practical and feasible for schools to keep doors and windows open in every room? Of course not, so teachers unions are right to be concerned and parents are understandably anxious that as COVID-19 cases continue to rise in schools, so does the % of children that are missing vital education. 

Highlighting the glaring problem is one thing, but the solution? The UV AIR COMFORT from NESA Robotics. The AIR COMFORT kills 99.99% of all known bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19 by circulating air past UVC light. The units were specifically designed to just sit in rooms unnoticed, combining low-noise with the ability to eliminate harmful pathogens, ensuring that both students and staff are kept as safe as possible whilst windows and doors can remain closed, especially when it’s cold enough outside to make a snowman! The units are simple, but incredibly effective. 

For more information on the UV AIR COMFORT, click here.

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