UV BENCH from NESA Robotics

Following the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, employers have had to adapt their cleaning protocols in order to protect their staff and customers at all levels. 

UV BENCH was designed to combine disinfection through UV technology with an aesthetic design and appearance. The UV BENCH contains a combination of reflective materials and UV lamps which provide 360 degree disinfection in only 10 seconds. 

In as little as 10 seconds, the UV BENCH disinfects 99.9% of most common bacteria and viruses on outer surfaces. 

The use of UVC light eliminates the need for alcohol, gel and other manual liquid disinfectants and allows for disinfection of electronics such as laptops and phones, and toys for young children.

Perfect for corporate office buildings, gyms and education facilities. The UV BENCH also comes in two finishes – Charcoal and Oak. Not only will the UV BENCH protect and disinfect, its aesthetic appearance will blend it perfectly into the design of the building.

The UV BENCH is already being used in hotels, conferences centres, hospitals, museums, nurseries and schools.

A picture of the UV Bench in Charcoal in an corporate hallway

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    Company name

    Technical specifications

    Dimensions & Weight

    W 1050mm • D 470mm • H 485mm Weight: 42kg


    8000 hours


    Sensor turns off automatically when opened

    Disinfection Coverage

    360° degree disinfection coverage


    254NM (UV-C light)

    Power Consumption & Voltage

    300W. 230 VAC

    We were incredibly excited when we heard about UV technology’s potential to remove bacteria and viruses on all kinds of surfaces. Our guests have also received the UV BENCH with great interest. It is placed in our reception area, where guests disinfect their personal belongings when they arrive, and they find it very interestingHanne Glibstrup Andersen, Managing Director of Comwell Holte

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