Rental Services from NESA Robotics

Investing in robotics can be a big step and in the case of an outbreak you may not have time to arrange a purchase – you need to act immediately! Here at NESA Robotics we understand that and that’s why we’ve created a range of rental options.

A COVID-19 outbreak within your workplace or healthcare facility can happen suddenly and require quick action to disinfect the impacted areas.

In these emergency cases it may not be possible to quickly undertake the purchase of a UVD Robot so NESA Robotics is pleased to offer flexible rental packages where robots can be rented by the day or on a subscription basis. Not only can this approach help quickly alleviate issues with outbreaks but it can also provide one-off or more regular disinfection, such as on a weekly basis.


    UVD Robot in Warehouse with its UVC lights on

    UVC Robots vs Fogging

    In cases where emergency disinfection is required, fogging can be a potential option, however UVC light has been shown to be much more effective:

    • Fogging takes hours, UVC disinfection takes minutes 
    • You can enter a room immediately after UVC disinfection. 
    • Fogging can cause damage to electrical equipment 
    • UVC disinfection uses no chemicals and leaves no residue.
    • Lingering chemicals can cause damage to the respiratory system
    • Fogging has little effect on the underside of surfaces whereas the UVD robot can be positioned to reach the underside of surfaces.
    • As the disinfection leaves no residue, it is safe for use in creches and other areas occupied by very young children. 
    • The UVD robot has the same disinfecting effect on the air as it does on surfaces.
    • Fogging requires you to shut down HVAC systems to prevent leakage whereas the UVD robot we encourage you to leave them on to disinfect as much air as possible   
    • Absorbent materials such as beds or chairs often need to be removed to prevent saturation with chemicals 
    • Pathogens can easily become resistant to chemicals over time whereas there are currently no known pathogens with a natural defense to UVC light.
    • UVC disinfection can take place multiple times a day.
    • Due to its fast nature, UVC can be used as an outbreak control measure to disinfect specific rooms at short notice.

    UVC Disinfection Use Cases

    UVC disinfection has been shown to be effective in a wide range of use cases:

    • Schools 
    • Offices
    • GP Practices
    • Gyms 
    • Supermarkets 
    • Hotels 
    • Railway stations 
    • Airports 
    • Warehouses 
    • Factories 
    • Dental surgeries

    During the daytime the UVD Robot can be used to disinfect areas such as meeting rooms, toilets, canteens and locker rooms. During the night the robot can then focus on the larger areas which are difficult to clean during the day such as desk areas, reception areas and corridors.

    To find out more about how our UVD Robot rental services can help your business contact NESA Robotics and talk to one of our consultants today.

    UVD Robot at St Pancras