Last week, the NESA Robotics team took a trip down to the ExCel in London to attend The Cleaning Show 2021.

The Cleaning Show is one of Europe’s leading events for cleaning and hygiene professionals. Attracting some of the biggest names in the industry, the show highlights the latest innovations, insights and products in the cleaning sector.

The NESA Robotics team was proud to showcase the UVD Robot, UV AIR COMFORT, UV BENCH, UV WALLBOX and the GoBe Robot.

The UVD Robot kills 99.9999% of all viruses and bacteria on surfaces and in the air. With NESA Robotics, the UVD Robot is already being used in Heathrow Airport and St Pancras International.

Violet the UVD Robot checking out the stands at The Cleaning Show

The UV AIR COMFORT, UV BENCH and UV WALLBOX use UV-C light to disinfect and kill 99.99% of all known bacteria and viruses including COVID-19. They all combine this technology with an aesthetic design, perfect for any environment. 

The UV BENCH and UV WALLBOX can be used to disinfect electronics such as shared equipment like walkie-talkies, and even children’s toys!

Demonstration of the UV BENCH at The Cleaning Show with children’s toys

Whilst the GoBe Robot is not a disinfection robot, it is the perfect addition to work in tandem. The telepresence robot allows users to participate in meetings or events that they could not attend in person. Not only does this link global offices, it can also help reduce the impact of illness and if a person has had to self-isolate. 

If you are interested in learning more about these products, click here.

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