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Are you looking to purchase, finance or rent one of our robots?

Whether you are interested in UVD Robots or the GoBe, we have a number of different pricing options available to suit your needs.

Alongside purchasing outright, NESA Robotics also offers Disinfection as a Service (DaaS) and Robot as a Service (RaaS).

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Disinfection as a Service (DaaS)

With DaaS, you can rent a robot for one visit. DaaS is the perfect reactive solution if there is a sudden outbreak or you are looking for a deep clean of your premises every so often.

Robot as a Service (RaaS)

With RaaS, you can rent a robot for a minimum of six months. RaaS is the perfect proactive solution for a ‘Back to Work’ campaign, for use between meetings and for use every evening, allowing staff to return to a Covid-free space every day. After 3 months, a robot can be purchased for a discounted price (dependent on length of rental.)


If you are looking for a permanent disinfection solution, a robot is available to purchase outright.

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