UVD Robots for Financial Services

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many areas of the financial services industry were forced to close down to control the Covid-19 outbreak. As with many industries, the spread of the virus within the financial services was due to in-person contact, causing transmission through droplets in coughing and sneezing and contact with difficult to clean surfaces.

Despite many services within banking, insurance and accountancy turning to the virtual world, not all areas of the financial services can remain without face-to-face contact. 

While many services use virtual banking, older people who do not have access to a computer, or find them difficult to manage, still need access to physical banks to look after their finances; and as the number of scams continue to rise, in-person banking is often much safer for older and more vulnerable people. Equally, financial services offices and stock brokerages rely on working with others face-to-face and use secure software that cannot be easily transferred to homes. Therefore, the necessity to create a safe Covid-19 free environment for clients and staff is essential within all aspects of the financial services industry.

Providing the complete disinfection of areas where Covid-19 is spread

Providing the complete disinfection of areas where Covid-19 is spread, the UVD Robot from NESA Robotics is well trusted by Generali Insurance Group, who have recently donated four UVD Robots to hospitals across Slovakia. Known as the Covid-19 killing robot, the UVC light mounted on top of the base kills 99.9999% of all bacteria, microorganisms and viruses, ensuring the Coronavirus is eradicated from all surfaces. 

The UVD Robot will prove effective in public spaces, meeting rooms and offices across financial institutions as it is able to completely disinfect a room in around 10 minutes and perform two days worth of cleaning in one hour, leaving areas free for use immediately. Equally, by disinfecting hard to clean areas such as cash machines and keyboards, the UVD Robot from NESA Robotics helps keep staff and customers safe. Used as part of a regular cleaning schedule and paired with hand sanitisation and face masks, the UVD Robot will make the physical side of financial services as safe as possible.

Watch how a UVD Robot from Nesa Robotics can quickly disinfect a company boardroom.

Disinfecting a boardroom with UVD Robots from NESA Robotics