NESA Robotics is committed to helping our clients create safe and healthy environments and are proud to offer the UVD Robot and GoBe Robot for sale in the UK and around the globe.


Home of the COVID-19 KILLING UVD Robot

NESA Robotics is proud to offer the UVD Robot and GoBe Robot for sale in the UK and to specific sectors around the globe.

UVD Robot in the display case at Heathrow Airport

Get back to business with the UVD Robot from NESA Robotics

Following the COVID-19 Pandemic, it is increasingly important that companies get back to business quickly, creating safe environments for their staff, clients and customers.

Whether you operate an airport, a chain of hotels, a factory or a dentistry practice, you’ll need to ensure that deep cleaning happens regularly, often throughout the day, and this can take time and cost money, as well as impact on your ability to serve your customers.

The UVD Robot from NESA Robotics uses UV-C light to disinfect large areas quickly and efficiently, and the robot can disinfect a standard 25m² office in under 6 minutes and can disinfect up to 15 rooms on single charge.

Using the UVD Robot in your business

Configuring the COVID-19 killing UVD Robot is straightforward and is carried out via a removable tablet using a simple native app.

The UVD Robot just needs to be taught the layout of a room and then can quickly, safely and autonomously disinfect the room using the powerful UV-C lights mounted on the base unit.

The UVD Robot from NESA Robotics has already been proven in the fight against COVID-19 in healthcare facilities, airports and businesses in over 60 countries around the world, bringing peace of mind, as well as time and cost savings, to your business.

Derive new income and gain staff and customer confidence with the UVD Robot

More than just a tool for disinfection, the UVD Robot can actually provide an additional revenue stream. Customers are now looking for safer ways to resume their lives, and the confidence that the UVD Robot brings can actually allow companies to add a premium to their prices such as for a fully disinfected hotel room, private box or meeting room.

Also due to the time savings that the UVD Robot from NESA Robotics can bring, certain businesses may also see an increased ability to earn income as disinfection between customers or patients is quicker and more effective than cleaning by hand.

Our main priority is to ensure the safety of our station staff and visitors.

Wendy Spinks | Commercial Director, HS1 Ltd

“As travel throughout the capital continues to resume, we are proud to utilise this new technology and hope that this reassures our customers that our main priority is to ensure the safety of our station staff and visitors, while maintaining the same enjoyable shopping experience.”

Watch Heath Williams, CEO of NESA Robotics, interviewed at Heathrow Airport by ITV News, talking about how the UVD Robots from NESA Robotics can help make airports safe environments for passengers.