Over the past year adapting to the new normal has posed significant challenges for many businesses. In 2020, over 200 events were cancelled globally, with many more postponed including the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games and UEFA Euro 2020. 

Telepresence robotics have identified themselves as an effective means for providing individuals with a more interactive virtual presence. As well as the benefits that telepresence robots provide from a pandemic and social-distancing perspective, telepresence robots will allow guests to attend an event in a completely different country. 

IOHK is a technology company that specialises in building cryptocurrencies and blockchains for a variety of different types of businesses. 

IOHK is hosting an event for people interested in their technology and is looking to hold viewing parties in 7 locations across the world. (Tokyo, London, Cape Town, Berlin, Florida, New York and Wyoming). They will be using the robots to give an initial presentation and then after that the CEO will use them to engage with each viewing party in turn. As a result of the pandemic, they cannot expect people to travel to a single location as they would have pre-pandemic. GoBe Robots will allow the CEO to communicate with each viewing party without boarding a single flight. 

The GoBe Robot is the perfect telepresence solution thanks to its wide range of features which makes it well suited to many different businesses. 

It’s echo cancelling microphones and speakers allow you to pick up subtleties and nuances while also being able to project your voice as if you were really in the room. The crystal clear audio, wide angle and 4K superzoom lenses enable employees to view scenarios while maintaining a safe distance. 

The GoBe also utilises sensors consisting of LiDAR scanners and 3D cameras to detect obstacles and recesses on your way and will help you avoid collisions. When operating fully autonomously the GoBe Robot is capable of navigating from point to point on its own while avoiding predetermined forbidden zones. This means users are able to grant others temporary control of the GoBe with the confidence that they will stay within an area while ensuring the safety of saleable assets.

If you are interested in learning how GoBe Robots can support your business, please click here to get in touch.

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