Yesterday, the Prime Minister Boris Johnson outlined his “one-way road to freedom” to bring England out of lockdown. In the House of Commons and later at a press conference, he announced his four step programme that aims to bring to an end lockdown and eventually lift social-distancing measures, subject to review.

The 60-page document is optimistic but makes clear that vaccines alone might not be able to prevent a significant number of people from becoming infected once restrictions begin to lift. There is also a risk of COVID-19 becoming endemic, similar to the flu. This means there is a need for long-term disinfection solutions to keep that risk as low as possible. 

Luckily, NESA Robotics offers the perfect solution – the UVD Robot.

For corporate businesses, a UVD Robot can be used to disinfect conference rooms between meetings, allowing companies to invite colleagues and clients into their COVID-19-free environment. The speed of the robot combined with the lack of residue also means meetings  can continue “back-to-back” with just a 5 minute interval for the robot to disinfect the room to “hospital operating theatre standards”. 

A UVD Robot is also perfect for businesses that share facilities. Whether it is through hot-desking, or sharing certain areas like meeting rooms, kitchens and bathroom areas, a UVD Robot can ensure that those environments are thoroughly disinfected. In fact, a UVD Robot achieves a COVID-19 kill rate of 99.9999% on 120 desks in just 20 minutes. Disinfecting the surfaces and the air will also have a dramatic impact on sickness – time off with the dreaded cough/cold or flu bug will also be dramatically reduced by implementing regular “patrols” by the robot.

One of the major initial steps is the return of all pupils to school on the 8th March. Without staggering, there is a potential for outbreaks to arise with the mass number of households mixing through pupils and teachers. Schools can be disinfected regularly to ensure that teachers and pupils are kept in COVID-19-free environments, meaning the threat of closure is significantly reduced.

To learn how a UVD Robot could support your business, please click here.

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