Businesses across all industries are looking to keep their staff and premises safe. UV Disinfection has not only proven to dramatically decrease infection rates, but is able to work across many industries from education to construction.

NESA Robotics has deployed UVD Robots in businesses including Heathrow Airport and UK Power Networks. NESA’s Technical Director Will Rumbol discusses how a UVD Robot from NESA Robotics can work for your industry.


Having been originally designed for use in hospitals to fight HAI’s such as MRSA, the UVD Robot has proven its worth in a broad range of environments. With its unparalleled ability to ensure the safety of the general public and staff alike, it was an easy step to make into the transportation sector. With such vast and complex areas in need of disinfection, travel hubs have adapted the robot to assist with disinfection efforts that would normally require an enormous amount of manpower. COVID-19 aside, international travel networks face a never-ending fight to contain infectious diseases brought into the UK from foreign countries. Among the most dangerous, malaria, typhoid and yellow fever can cause debilitating illness or even death if left untreated. 

With the sheer number of passengers moving through these hubs it has, in the past, been extremely difficult to adequately disinfect the large number of rooms without causing significant disruption. The UVD robot allows users to disinfect the most high-risk areas such as washrooms within a very short period of time, therefore minimising disruption to the public. In addition, multi-use items such as security trays, trolleys, furniture, PPE and tools can also be disinfected on mass by utilising the robot.

Construction and Manufacturing

The same principle has also been carried over into critical infrastructure and construction companies who use a wide range of equipment including general tools, climbing equipment, electronic measurement devices and accompanying PPE. All of which are either difficult to disinfect or cannot be disinfected using traditional methods that utilise liquid chemicals. As UV-C does not interact with electronic devices and is capable of disinfecting complex surfaces the UVD Robot can easily be used to sanitise such equipment. As much of the UK’s critical infrastructure is located underground, staff are often exposed to waterborne diseases such as Weil’s or Legionnaires Disease. The UVD Robot can be used to disinfect areas such as tunnels where it can be dangerous for cleaning staff to work.

UVD Robot arriving at UK Power Networks

Just like hospitals there are many businesses that require the maintenance of aseptic environments. Research laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturing plants and factories all require very high levels of sanitisation in order to undertake their work. All of these environments suffer from human error when It comes to disinfection. No matter how thorough the process of manual disinfection will always leave missed surfaces. This can lead to the destruction of products or research meaning higher operating costs. Using a robotic solution such as the UVD Robot you can ensure that the same high level of disinfection is achieved each time not only on surfaces but in the air as well.   

UVD Robot at West Byfleet Primary School supporting the education industry

Education and office environments

As most people now know following the UK government’s advice to maintain social distancing, pathogens often require close contact with an infected person or surface that person has touched in order to be transmitted. This makes highly populated buildings like schools, offices and hospitality venues prime locations for the rapid spread of pathogens. Much like transport networks it is imperative that disinfection protocols have minimal impact on staff, students and guests without compromising the level of disinfection. The use of the UVD Robot means rooms can be disinfected in as little as 4 minutes, meaning areas such as meeting rooms and hotel suites can be disinfected between occupants as a part of the normal cleaning routine.

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