Similar to the previous lockdown, many educational institutions have moved a majority of their pupils to schooling at home; with children of key workers or those who are vulnerable being the only pupils physically in school. The one exception are nurseries. Despite being closed during the initial lockdown, it was announced that nurseries would stay open this time around.

Nurseries are also open to all children, not just key workers. The large mixing of different households, paired with young children’s lack of social distancing, nursery workers are concerned about the potential for increased exposure to Covid-19 and the impact it will have on the staff.

The main concern around disinfection and young children is the potential danger around use of chemicals. Very young children are often putting toys in their mouths, if there is any trace of chemicals left on the toy that could cause serious harm. This is a huge advantage towards UVC Disinfection. Unlike fogging, UVC Disinfection leaves no residue, whilst still killing 99.9999% of all bacteria and viruses. 

Another huge benefit of UVC Disinfection for nurseries is speed. A UVD Robot can disinfect a room in less then 10 minutes and is immediately ready for use. This means the robot can be used as an outbreak control measure, the whole building does not need to be closed down for disinfection. Some nurseries also offer half-days which means a whole new group of children interacting with staff. The UVD Robot will allow minimal waiting time between the morning and afternoon sessions. It can also be disinfecting one room, whilst others are being used.

NESA Robotics visited Countryside Nurseries to show how a UVD Robot can be used to disinfect. As well as disinfecting the surfaces and air in each of the rooms, the UVD Robot was also used to disinfect the top and undersides of all pieces of LEGO.

It is vital that all school and nursery environments are kept free of Covid-19 to keep staff safe and to prevent children potentially spreading the disease across a wide area. 

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