The festive season is nearly upon us and with that brings Christmas adverts. Whilst Coca-Cola still keeps its traditional advert, many companies bring out their creativity every year. This was not different for the TV programme The Last Leg.

A few weeks ago, NESA Robotics worked with The Last Leg after presenter Alex Brooker was forced to present from home after coming into contact with someone with a positive Covid test. Thanks to the Beam robot from NESA Robotics, Alex was able to take part in the walk-in that starts every show.

As this Christmas will be different for everyone, The Last Leg used this as inspiration incorporating social-distancing and Father Christmas – with a little help from the Beam.

Presenters Adam Hills, Alex Brooker and Josh Widdecombe opened the door, each donning a festive jumper to Father Christmas played by comedian and actor Joe Wilkinson. Joe visits houses but due to social-distancing, no one is able to give Father Christmas a hug!

Whilst watching his robot self on the telly, Alex is the last to open the door to Father Christmas, but as he walks away, Alex calls him back.  Father Christmas appears at the door once more – using the Beam!

At the end of the advert, you see Father Christmas and the robot peeking out from the chimney – but don’t worry thanks to the use of a green screen, our robot is still in one piece!

Please see the full video below.

To see more of the Beam in action on episodes 2 and 3 of Series 20 of The Last Leg, click here.

NESA Robotics would like to thank The Last Leg and Open Mike Productions for featuring the Beam robot in the last few weeks. 

For more information on the Beam and the GoBe, please click here.

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