NESA Robotics is proud to announce that UVD Robots has won the Designing Safety award at the Skift IDEA Awards 2020. Skift is one of the most influential brands within the travel industry, delivering news and trends across all areas of the travel industry.

The Skift IDEA Awards recognise the innovation, design and experiences that will define the future of the industry. UVD Robots won the award for Designing Safety, recognising the robot’s ability to work alongside existing cleaning teams to protect staff, travellers and guests from Covid-19. 

Other brands recognised by these awards included John F. Kennedy Airport in New York and the German car manufacturer Audi

With NESA Robotics, UVD Robots have been deployed in two of the UK’s busiest transport hubs – Heathrow Airport and St Pancras International. With a combined passenger footfall of over 119 million, it is vital that these hubs are kept Covid free.

Jay Newton, Head of Stations Engineering and Operations for HS1 at St Pancras, explained that “in the present climate, it’s quite difficult to keep this station clean at high touch point areas. So what the new technology will allow us to do is have our staff focusing on the higher touch points so that the automatic machines can then go and clean the mundane areas, and that allows us to ensure that we’re doing exactly what we need to in the current climate.”

UVD Robot at St Pancras International
UVD Robots are being used at St Pancras International to help protect their staff and passengers

Heathrow’s Chief Operating Officer, Emma Gilthorpe states that they’ve been using UVD Robots alongside other “technologies to make sure we keep our airport safe for our passengers and our colleagues, at the moment the most important thing is building confidence so that people get back flying.” 

Whilst there are still some restrictions on travelling in place, with different countries observing different rules, it is vital that all transport hubs are thoroughly disinfected to ensure staff are protected, and to encourage passengers to return after restrictions lift.

NESA Robotics is committed to helping our clients create safe and healthy environments If you are interested in finding out how NESA Robotics and UVD Robots can support your business, please click here.

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