Whilst England is in the midst of a second lockdown, the government have been determined to keep schools open. Like many other industries, the education sector was badly hit by the pandemic with schools closed for months during the first lockdown. Since children and teachers returned to school in September, many schools have since faced outbreaks causing many students and staff across the country to self-isolate. 

As mentioned in our interview with Surrey Live, our CEO Heath Williams saw in person the impact the pandemic is having on schools after cases broke out at his son’s college. 

In order to help the local community, NESA Robotics sent a UVD Robot to a number of schools in Surrey to demonstrate how these robots can be used to disinfect schools and protect staff and students. 

The first visit for the robot was West Byfleet Junior School.

The robot disinfected all the classrooms, staff rooms and washrooms, gym and canteen making the school safe for the children’s return on the Monday. The time to disinfect an average classroom is around 6 minutes which allowed the robot to disinfect more rooms.

The following week, our robot spent the week at George Abbot

After a naming vote on the school’s Twitter page, ‘Kevin the Kleaning K9’ spent the week disinfecting classrooms and corridors which include hundreds of lockers. The students were also given the opportunity to learn more about Kevin and UV-C in their science and DT lessons. 

NESA Robotics CEO Heath Williams and Headteacher Kate Carriett spoke to Surrey Live about the visit.

UVD Robot disinfecting a classroom at George Abbot as part of protecting schools
‘Kevin the Kleaning K9’ in the middle of disinfecting a classroom at George Abbot School in Guildford

Two of the major benefits of using UV-C technology to disinfect schools is speed, and lack of residue. This means that classrooms can be disinfected in the evening, and it is immediately safe and Covid-free for when pupils and staff arrive at the school the following day. The lack of residue also means that nurseries in particular are safe for very young children as there is no need for worries about traces of chemicals left on surfaces. 

NESA Robotics is committed to helping our clients create safe and healthy environments If you are interested in finding out how NESA Robotics and UVD Robots can support your business, please click here.

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