With the number of Covid cases in schools, colleges and universities growing, there is a potential threat for more students having to go into self-isolation, or the schools closing completely. According to the Guardian, more than 400,000 children in England were off school last week for coronavirus related reasons with the number of schools having to shut completely increasing by 50% compared to the previous week.

Our CEO Heath Williams spoke to Surrey Live about this issue, after seeing this directly at his son’s college. It was announced that Guildford College in which his son attends, had three students test positive for Covid-19 within one week. This voiced concerns about the safety of his son returning to school

In light of this, and to help prevent further outbreaks, NESA Robotics is offering free disinfections to education establishments in the Surrey area.

Heath spoke to Surrey Live about this offer.

“Guildford College had an outbreak of COVID-19 and they were going to do a deep clean overnight and let the pupils back into school the next day. The reality is that it’s just not possible to deep clean an area of that size overnight. I was seriously considering whether to send him into college or not.”

“Schools here do not have the knowledge or access to this kind of technology, and cleaning processes are very time-consuming and expensive.”

“If we can do something to help, we will. The education side of things is not where the money is for us, so we’d love to do something for the local community and give something back.”

For the full interview with Surrey Live, please click here.

NESA Robotics is committed to helping our clients create safe and healthy environments If you are interested in finding out how NESA Robotics and UVD Robots can support your business, please click here.

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