Airports have taken a huge hit in passenger numbers due to restrictions on flying caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, with many predicting an $21.5bn loss in the European aviation sector alone. Despite travel restrictions, the worry for many is that even with the pandemic under control, customers will no longer trust flying as the safest and easiest mode of transport. 

Sound-boarding potential customer worries, BBC Click presenter Lara Lewington said “after months in isolation the idea of coming to a bustling airport, let alone getting on an actual plane can be slightly unnerving.” Sharing these worries are Heathrow Airport, who have seen a huge hit to revenue and customer confidence. As Lara explains however, Heathrow “are doing everything they can to make the place Covid-safe, with a fair bit of help from technology.” Soon becoming as commonplace as facemasks and hand sanitiser, UV technology is being adopted by airports across the globe in the campaign to get customers flying again. 

Heathrow has enlisted the help of UVD Robots supplied by Nordic Eye Sales Accelerator to disinfect their busy terminals and return customer confidence. 

Now deployed in each of Heathrow’s terminals, UVD Robots supplied by Nordic Eye Sales Accelerator are “zapping” 99.9999% of germs and bugs throughout the airport making key areas safe to all passengers and staff. Focusing on the most common touch points, these robots are essential when targeting tricky to clean areas, as well as cracks and crevices common in our day-to-day surfaces and appliances. Identified as a key risk area the UDV Robots are primarily used in Heathrow’s bathrooms, and can be quickly and safely deployed in these enclosed areas, disinfecting the space in a matter of minutes. 

BBC Click spoke to Heath Williams, CEO of Nordic Eye Sales Accelerator, whose well-trusted UVD Robots are already used to kill hospital acquired infections in Europe and throughout Asia. Williams explained the importance of a UVD Robot to airports as “it uses UVC light, and viruses don’t have an immune system to UVC light, and that in effect, stops it from replicating and kills the virus.” By using this UVC light in the most commonly used areas in the airport, Heathrow are stopping the spread of infection and keeping their customers safe on their journey, while preventing further spread into UK or International communities. 

Watch the BBC Click report on how UVD Robots are helping to get customers flying again at Heathrow Airport.

Heathrow Airport also undertakes regular checks by biotechnicians to ensure the technology is working effectively and thoroughly, proving first-hand the meticulous health and safety standards of both Nordic Eye’s UVD Robots and Heathrow Airport. 

You can find detailed information on how UVD Robots are giving a helping hand to the aviation sector on the Airport and Travel page. 

Williams also shared the importance of ‘Covid-19 Killing Robots’ to keeping Heathrow’s 76,000 staff safe, particularly essential cleaning staff, stating that it “disinfects but doesn’t clean, so it’s nice to send in a washroom to disinfect it, then it’s safe for the cleaning staff to go in.” By protecting Heathrow’s staff, UVD Robots keep not only customers safe, but protect key-workers and their friends and family, keeping the airport running smoothly while protecting livelihoods.  

Tackling large spaces well, UVD robots are key players in the huge task of disinfecting vast kilometers of space owned by airports, and are able to disinfect 18,000 square meters in 2.5 hours. With robots running across each terminal alongside temperature scanners, UV handrail cleaners and antibacterial wrappers on trolleys, NESA Robotics’ UVC technology is a key player in Heathrow’s weapons arsenal in combating the Covid-19 pandemic. 

BBC’s Click programme and other news channel reports continue to display the detailed virus-killing work performed by Heathrow to keep customers safe, and with Covid-killing technology increasing in presence customer confidence and numbers should continue to improve. 

You can find more information on the technical specification of the UVD Robots on the Product page.

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