The aviation industry in the Middle-East has taken a big hit due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and losses in Qatari airline revenue reached $1.7bn in June alone, with passenger numbers plummeting by 50%. In an interview with Al Jazeera, Akbar al-Baker, CEO of Qatar Airways, spoke about the difficult upcoming challenges that Qatari airlines face in the wake of this global pandemic, adding that they have introduced “social-distancing […] people with masks, gloves, and sanitiser” and “that passenger safety and the safety of our employees is always paramount in our mind”. 

Embracing the change to the travel industry caused by Covid-19, and ensuring passenger and employee safety, Qatar’s Hamad International Airport now proudly uses UVD Robots supplied by Nordic Eye Sales Accelerator to disinfect key areas in its terminals. Voted “the third best airport in the world” by SKYTRAX, Hamad International is using a wide-range of techniques to ensure the safety of their customers and as Akbar al-Baker explained they have “introduced a robot that does UV sanitisation in the entire building of Hamad International Airport”. As important as regular cleaning and sanitisation, Hamad International’s video testimonial highlights how the Covid-19 killing robots have been added as Hamad “elevated [their] safety measures”. 

Hamad International now proudly uses Covid-19 killing robots to sanitise crucial passenger areas. 

Aiming to restore customer confidence, the testimonial explains that “disinfection robots reduce the spread of infectious germs in crucial areas” and aims to “provide you with a safe journey in the future so you can travel with confidence once again.” 

Helping restore confidence throughout all aspects of the aviation sector, the UVD Robots are putting passengers and staff at ease as they kill 99.9999% of accuracy when killing germs, viruses and other harmful microorganisms. CEO of Nordic Eye, Heath Williams, shares the technology behind the robots explaining that “it uses UVC light, and viruses don’t have an immune system to UVC light, and that in effect, stops it from replicating and kills the virus.” 

Proving particularly useful in disinfecting its 3 large terminals and many lounges, the UVD Robot can clean 18,000 square meters in one 2.5 hour battery cycle, and perform 2 days worth of sanitisation in 1 hour. 

Saving both money and time on extensive sanitisation, the UVD Robot also gives extra protection to key cleaning staff, as Heath Williams explains the robot “disinfects but doesn’t clean, so it’s nice to send into a washroom to disinfect it, then it’s safe for the cleaning staff to go in.” By protecting staff at the airport, UVD Robots help keep the aviation industry moving smoothly to restore its former success and return revenue to airlines. 

Hoping to get back on its feet and functioning well before the Qatar FIFA World Cup, Hamad International is trusting the accurate and thorough sanitising technology of UVD Robots alongside traditional methods to ensure its customers and staff are looked after and the airport Covid-free, so customers “can travel with confidence once again.” 

To find out more about the technical specifications of the UVD Robots, visit the NESA Robotics product page

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