NESA Robotics is pleased to announce that Sifted has recognised Blue Ocean Robotics as a start-up to recognise in 2021.

Sifted is backed by the Financial Times and focuses on reporting on start-ups across Europe, researching beyond the press release to give its readers everything they need to know about what is happening in Europe. 

Other companies recognised alongside Blue Ocean Robotics included payment solutions provider Klarna and the podcast network Acast

NESA Robotics are pleased to be UK distributors of Blue Ocean Robotics’ award-winning robots – UVD Robots and GoBe Robots. 

UVD Robots kill 99.9999% of all bacteria and viruses on surfaces and the air covering vast areas in just a matter of minutes. 

NESA Robotics have deployed UVD Robots into Heathrow Airport, St Pancras International and UK Power Networks. They have provided much needed confidence for workers and the public visiting the premises. Heathrow Airport have recently deployed a further two robots into newly reopened Terminal 3 which is to be used as the arrivals for passengers returning from red-list countries

The GoBe Robot is a telepresence robot that helps users stay connected with colleagues, clients, students or patients all across the world if they cannot be there in person.

Blue Ocean Robotics’ third robotics solution PTR Robots enables hospital staff and caregivers to better handle transfers without the need to involve other colleagues, while also helping patients to be more self-reliant with a high level of freedom.

For more information on the UVD Robot click here. For more information on the GoBe click here.

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