Due to the current lockdown, many companies have most if not all their staff working from home. With the wide range of critical touch points found within offices, different working environments and the close proximity of colleagues, the potential for the spread of Covid-19 is high.

Once lockdown restrictions are lifted, many of these companies will want their staff to return to the offices. This will mean interactions between hundreds of households, with some staff travelling from different areas of the country with different infection rates. It is important that the offices are kept Covid free to make sure that happens. 

UVD Robots kill 99.9999% of all bacteria and viruses including Covid-19 and the new strains, can cover large areas and reach touch-points that other disinfection methods may miss. The speed and lack of residue means more rooms can be disinfected, and that they are immediately ready for use. 

NESA Robotics visited an office building in Central London to demonstrate how a UVD Robot can be used in this environment to encourage staff to return to their desks, and feel confident that they are in a safe, and Covid-free environment.

In 20 minutes, a UVD Robot autonomously disinfected the office space that included 120 desks, breakout areas and the kitchen. From the keyboards to the cutlery, everything in the space is now completely free of any bacteria or viruses. 

If you are interested in learning how a UVD Robot can support your business, please click here. If you are a Facilities Management company looking to support your clients, click here to learn how NESA Robotics can support you. 

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