Hospitals across the world are facing seemingly never ending challenges throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Infections are already beginning to rise in countries that previously had success in suppressing outbreaks.

To help deal with the crisis in Europe, the EU Commission has purchased 200 robots to be distributed in hospitals across the European Union. The robots were the EU’s top choice in its review of disinfection robots thanks to its technical excellence, response time and overall value.  

Currently the UVD Robots are deployed in hospitals and businesses in more than 40 countries to help combat the ever growing spread of Covid-19. Using ultraviolet light, the UVD Robot can autonomously, disinfect and kill 99.99% of all viruses and bacteria and other harmful microorganisms living on surfaces and in the air. 

A robot can disinfect a room in approximately 10 minutes, with the room ready for immediate use.  

After deploying a UVD Robot in the Covid-19 wards in March at The General Hospital in Sisak, Croatia; the department has only seen one member of staff test positive. In Italy, six doctors at Gruppo Poloclinico Abano had tested positive before a UVD Robot was deployed. Since then, there have been no new cases amongst staff and patients. 

Prior to this announcement, UVD Robots were already operational at the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China, with more than 2,000 hospitals. Hospitals in the UK that are using the UVD Robot technology include Frimley Park Hospital and Wrexham Maelor Hospital. 

President of the European Commission Ursula Von Der Leyen said: “With EU funds, the European Commission is buying 200 disinfection robots, which will be delivered to hospitals across Europe to help disinfect patient rooms. We do all we can to support hospitals and patients in these difficult times. And more will follow.”

CEO of UVD Robots Per Juul Nielsen has stated “We are thrilled that our UVD Robots were selected by the EU Commission, which we believe to be the largest order of service robots of its kind,” said . “We were the first robot in this category and have set the global standard for autonomous UVC disinfection. An order of this size further validates the effectiveness of UVD Robots.”

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