Many UK industries took a hit during the Coronavirus pandemic and are still suffering the consequences. Due to strict social distancing measures and enclosed spaces, many studios, offices, warehouses and nearly all of the service industry had to close their doors to keep customers and staff safe. With the pandemic leaving many wary of public places, workplaces, and shops, many people are reluctant to go back to work or out in public without knowing that these areas are Covid-19 free. 

One industry that has suffered significantly is automotive. Due to social distancing, lockdown measures, and government-enforced closures, customers were unable to visit car showrooms and dealerships, resulting in £12.5bn loss in revenues to the British car industry alone. As lockdown slowly lifts, the worry for both customers and staff within the car industry remains, and the safety of small enclosed spaces, critical touch points, and test-drives are questioned. 

As car dealerships open back up, new regulations have been put in place that means the safest and easiest way to visit a dealership is by appointment, limiting the number of people within showrooms, and maintaining social distancing. Additional to traditional methods of sanitisation such as hand-sanitiser and face-masks, UV technology can be quick and effective at disinfecting key areas to protect customers and staff. 

HWM Aston Martin, the oldest Aston Martin dealership in the world, now proudly trusts UVD Robots to disinfect their showrooms. Supplied by NESA Robotics, the Covid-19 killing robot kills 99.9999% of viruses, bacteria, and harmful microorganisms present on door handles, steering wheels, seat belts, button controls and gear levers.

UVD Robot inside HWM Aston Martin showroom
Caption: The Covid-19 killing robot disinfects door handles, gear levers, hand brakes, seatbelts and steering wheels saving dealerships time and money.

Guy Jenner, Managing Director of HWM Aston Martin, shared the benefits of using UVD Robots in their car dealership, and explained that in “visiting a car dealership, [people] come to us to make things come alive. Naturally customers want to come and look at cars, get in and out of them, they want to touch and feel. There’s a lot of contact during this process so the more we can do to give customers [the] comfort that it is a safe environment, the better for us.” 

HWM Aston Martin are now using UVD Robots supplied by NESA Robotics to disinfect the car showroom and offices

Playing a new role in disinfecting a variety of workplaces, the UVD Robot is already trusted throughout the healthcare sector, developed initially to kill hospital acquired infections. Heath Williams, CEO of Nordic Eye Sales Accelerator explained that the UVD Robot uses “UVC light […] that’s not able to get through the ozone layer, so the virus doesn’t have an immune system to UVC light, so the light breaks down its DNA and is able to kill the Coronavirus in just a matter of seconds.” 

UVD Robot disinfecting between two cars at HWM Aston Martin showroom
Caption: UVC light technology kills 99.9999% of viruses, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

Now disinfecting tricky to reach areas in dealerships, Guy Jenner explained that he was amazed by “just how quickly it can disinfect the area, particularly when [considering] the car dealership, or an office with intricate surfaces. […] It will provide remarkable time-saving in terms of cleaning and disinfecting the area.” Able to sanitise 18,000 square meters in 2.5 hours, the UVD Robot can guarantee car dealerships are Covid-19 free in a matter of minutes, leaving clients and colleagues worry-free, while saving time and money on any additional cleaning. 

In the wake of the Coronavirus, companies are looking for ways to get back to business. Providing quick, efficient and low-cost protection to staff and clients, the UVD Robot can be used alongside traditional sanitisation methods to ensure people feel safe, and are encouraged to visit and invest with businesses again. Working effectively in car dealerships, UV technology looks set to help the car industry get back on its feet and running again. 

To find out more about the technical specification of the UVD Robots, visit the NESA Robotics Product page.

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